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Power your digital business actions using predictive machine learning

About PredictN

A Prediction SaaS platform which automates all your business prediction requirements and helps improve efficiencies on your marketing and product development activities.

Connect your data sources (GA 360, Adobe, BigQuery, CRM) and PredictN generates predictions directly to your marketing platforms (AdWords, DoubleClick, MailChimp).

Prediction Cases

Remarketing Audience

Predict qualified audience list for remarketing who carry the highest probability of converting on your site within the next ā€˜nā€™ days.

App Churners

Predict app users who are most likely to uninstall your app within the next ā€˜nā€™ days.

Customer LTV

Predict customer segments with high customer LifeTime Value and optimize your marketing spends.

PredictN Promise

> 120% ROI

Remarketing Revenue

> 85%

PredictN Model Accuracy

< 48 Hrs

Prediction Modelling

< 60%

Marketing AdCost

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